What we do

As consumers, we all expect seamless, multi-channel digital experiences across our desktop, mobile, tablet and in-store. We also expect a high degree of personalisation, a beautiful user experience and instant gratification relevant to our specific needs.

To brands, this requires a whole different approach to solving marketing challenges. And that's what we do. Come and join us as we show you around our teams…

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OK. So, every digital agency says they deliver solid strategy. It's simply what you'd expect. But here at Razorfish, we come with remarkable added extras. Because of the depth we maintain between technology, creative, media and emerging experiences; our strategists leverage the full breadth of Razorfish's capabilities. We harness exclusive research and customer analysis through the global Razorfish network to develop truly innovative, actionable recommendations.



We recognise that modern media is synonymous with big data, measurability and targeting. We approach our planning with the consumer at the heart of a conversation that spans paid, owned and earned channels in equal measures. As part of the Publicis Groupe we also have leverage as one of the largest digital media buying networks globally, bringing a competitive advantage to all our advertisers. Mix together a global network of data, insights and buying power, best-in-class media strategy is the standard you can expect.



Our SEO team is home to some of Australia's brightest digital minds with a legacy of innovating to meet analytical needs, in order to feed optimisation. It's fair to say our track record positively hums with effectiveness and ROI for our clients.


User Experience

User experience isn't all about design. It's about understanding consumers and how to make their life beautifully simple. We create experiences that engage, stimulate and are fully extendable across all channels. And if the answer isn't out there, we invent one! Our Emerging Experience Lab in Australia is now one of the world's best, packed with the seamlessly connected technologies we've invented. Get in touch if you'd like to visit our Lab.



When they're not increasing logos by 30%, our team is busy inventing the future. That's right – the talented designers, animators, concept artists and experience directors in the creative team form part of the engine room of the Razorfish Mothership. We deliver extraordinary creative concepts as well as experience, visual, identity and motion design. Everything we do is tightly bound by strong strategy and superb technology expertise to understand what genuinely works.



Having some of the world's most talented geeks means our technical solutions are second-to-none. Collaborating closely with clients, designers, innovators and animators, our tech-heads are constantly aiming for brand new thinking that builds your business for the future. Take comfort in knowing that your project will be developed by fired-up experts who simply love what they do. It's why our history of innovation continues to grow.


Social Media

Our gurus provide expertise to both clients directly and across all agency teams. To put it succinctly (in 140 characters) we: audit, analyse, monitor, report, offer channel & content strategy, manage campaigns, develop social objects, educate, train & manage threats!

Through our Razorfish network, we access terrific tools too, including Social Influence Marketing™ measurement and Generational Tagging™ technologies.



With all this technology out there, brands are now truly in the data business. And the biggest key to our media growth has been our analytics offering. We bring together the best data technologists, the best digital analysts, sophisticated attribution modeling and advanced analytical data visualisation tools to offer some seriously clever analytical solutions.

Our Clients

We've worked with a lot of businesses over the last 15 years across almost every industry category. Our current clients are listed below.

  • Aussie
  • Australia Post
  • Australian National Maritime Museum
  • Metcash
  • Microsoft
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Qantas
  • Samsung
  • Santos
  • Sportsgirl
  • Suncorp
  • Tourism Northern Territory
  • Vic's Meats